Meet Our Team


Yoga Yogendran, PEng, PhD, MBA (Chairman & CEO)

OTI’s management team is led by Yoga Yogendran who is the CEO and Board Chair. He has over 25 years' experience in commercializing clean energy storage technologies, including as founder of three clean energy companies which he lead successfully as CEO, and as Director of the National Research Council of Canada Clean Energy Center.

Dorlyn Evancic CPA, CGA (CFO)

Dorlyn Evancic has 25 years’ experience in corporate finance, business management and operations in various industries. He has held executive positions and served on corporate boards of several private and public companies. In these capacities, he has led a wide range of corporate management activities, including strategic planning, business development, operations and finance, mergers and acquisitions, securities compliance, and investor relations. 

Joey Jung, PEng (Chief Technology Officer)

Joey Jung is Vice-President of Kemetco Research and a Director of the International Academy of Electrochemical Energy Science. Specializing in applied electrochemistry, he is a world-renowned expert with leading texts in electrochemical energy storage, including “Lead-Acid Battery Technologies” and “Electrochemical Technologies for Energy Storage and Conversion”. He has also played key roles in the invention and development of both an ultra-high capacity lead acid battery and a high efficiency magnesium air fuel cell.   

Bill Coote (COO)

Bill Coote is a pioneer in clean tech innovation, with over 50 years’ experience in developing high value, clean tech products. He has held senior executive positions in many multinational companies and was the founder and COO of Advanced Lithium Power.

Rob Fashler, FCIArb (Chief IP Officer)

Rob Fashler has been named Lawyer of the Year in 2015, 2016, 2017 by “Best Lawyers in Canada”. He is a world-renowned specialist in intellectual property ownership and licensing structures, and has over 30 years’ experience in protecting, managing, commercializing, and enforcing intellectual capital.    


David Wilkinson, PEng, PhD (Chair, Technical Advisory Board)

David Wilkinson holds the Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia. He is a world-renowned expert in battery and fuel cell development with over 40 years’ experience and over 80 issued patents, 200 refereed publications, 6 published books and 8 published book chapters.  He was previously the CTO and VP of Ballard Power Systems, where he led Ballard's technology development and established Canada as a leading force in fuel cell technology.

Fred Kaiser (Chair Industry Advisory Board)

Fred Kaiser is a Director of the US Chamber of Commerce and a Director of EnerSys, which recently acquired Alpha Technologies of which he was the founder, Chair, and CEO. Alpha continues to be an industry leader in the design and manufacture of AC,DC and renewable power conversion, protection, and standby products for the global market. 

James Matkin, QC (Advisor, Industry Advisory Board)

James Matkin is a former Director of the Bank of Canada and founding Chairman of GT Group Telecom. 

Theo Hennig, CPA (Investor Relations Advisor)

Theo Hennig has served as a CFO and director of several public and private companies, and in the last 20 years has raised over $100 million in corporate equity. He brings an experienced entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on approach to corporate finance and investment. 


Gregg Vernon, PEng, Executive Director, has over 30 years’ experience leading major energy companies around the world. He has also successfully grown companies from start-up to profitable enterprises including Prospero Hydrocarbons, Petro Andina (TSX-V:PAR), Alange Energy (TSX-V:ALE), and Petrodorado (TSX-V:PDG).

Frank Borowicz, QC, CPA(Hon) has over 40 years’ experience in corporate governance, regulatory compliance, conflict resolution, and risk management. He is a Governor of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, and an independent director of several public and private companies. Educated at Harvard, Dalhousie, and Loyola of Montreal, he is also a graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors. 

Lionel Lorence, CRS, has a long and distinguished history of successful domestic and international business negotiations and corporate relationships. He has been awarded the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Medallion Award for 50 consecutive years of outstanding sales achievement. 

Dale Pope, QC, has extensive experience in government relations, strategic public affairs and administrative regulation. He is a senior strategic advisor to political and leadership campaigns, has served as Honorary Counsel to Mexico, and as a member of various public service boards, including the Vancouver Public Library Trust and Foundation.