How OTI and Its Technology Came About

Hybrid Energy Technologies Inc. (“HET”) was founded in September 2007 after having acquired patent rights to the zinc-manganese electrochemistry to produce batteries in a non-cylindrical format. HET was focused on delivering rechargeable battery solutions to the market place; however, it recognized that a key drawback to its technology was its relatively low cycle life (the number of times a battery can be recharged before it must be replaced).

Since then, HET has changed its name to OTI pursuant to a corporate restructuring. It has expanded and assembled a world-renowned technical team dedicated to solving the cycle life problem. That team has now developed a battery chemistry that dramatically improves the battery cycle life – while achieving a breakthrough battery solution that is clean, green, safe, cost-effective, and attains superior performance. 

The growing need for inexpensive, safe, and environmentally friendly energy storage solutions is accelerating, and our ground-breaking, patented, and proven battery technology meets that need - giving OTI its enormous market advantage. OTI batteries are the smart energy storage solution for now, and the future.